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Discover Iceland

Iceland lies on the edge of the Arctic and is a land like no other. Because where else can you find tens of thousands of waterfalls, smoldering volcanoes, the largest glacier in Europe, spurting geysers, bubbling mud pools, the northern lights and the midnight sun ? One thing is certain, Iceland is a unique country ! More »

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A city trip to Istanbul

Istanbul is a great place to visit. It is the biggest city in Turkey and has plenty of attractions. Here are some of the highlights of Istanbul that you should read before going on a city trip to Istanbul:

Sights we visited :

  1. Aya Sofya: Although there are plenty of monuments in Istanbul, Aya Sofya is extremely popular for its cultural history, outstanding beauty and religious significance. This beautiful structure was built by Justinian, the great Byzantine emperor. This remarkable building is well known for its huge dome and gold mosaics.
  2. Topaki Palace: After visiting the Aya Sofya, you must visit the Topaki Palace, one of the most remarkable castles found in Istanbul. Topaki Palace attracts plenty of foreigners because of the interesting stories of lustful sultans, attractive concubines, determined courtiers and eunuchs who lived in this palace between 15th to 19th centuries. The opulent pavilions of the palace and the treasury filled with jewels makes this place a top cultural highlight of Istanbul.
  3. Basilica Cistern: The subterranean and beautiful structure of Basilica Cistern was also built by Justinian, the great Byzantine emperor. The grandeur of this building does not fail to enthrall the tourists. The large depths of this building fascinate people visiting the Basilica Cistern. The building is named Basilica Cistern because it lies beneath the Stoa Basilica.
  4. Blue Mosque: If you are visiting Istanbul, you cannot afford to miss the Blue Mosque. It is the most photogenic and beautiful building of Istanbul. The tomb of the Blue Mosque faces the Sultanahmet Park. The curvaceous exterior and the blue tiles in the interior of the mosque make it a spectacular delight.

Apart from these four culturally rich buildings, there are several others mosques and museums in Istanbul that you can visit when you are in this majestic city.


After a lot of sightseeing, you would surely want to have some great food. There are plenty of restaurants in Istanbul where you can get some amazing food. If you love seafood, you must visit the restaurant called Balikci Sabahattin which serves a variety of fish. If you want to have some amazing desserts, you should visit Develi Baklava. If you want to have Turkish food, then you can visit Matbah or Klemuri.


When you are visiting a new city, you would surely like to indulge in some amount of shopping. There are some great shopping destinations in Istanbul. Ozlem Tuna is a great place where you would get some stylish and contemporary jewellery at an affordable price. Dervis is another great place where you can shop cotton and silk outfits. If you are fond of arts and craft, then Nahil is the perfect destination for you.

Thus, you see that Istanbul is a delightful city filled with monuments, restaurants, shopping destinations and events. You would surely have a great time if you go on a city trip to Istanbul.

The waterfalls of Iceland

Iceland is famous for its beautiful and numerous waterfalls. Every year, plenty of travel enthusiasts travel to Iceland to see the majestic waterfalls that adorn the country. Here are the best five waterfalls of Iceland:

  1. Gullfoss: This waterfall is undoubtedly the most beautiful and famous waterfall in Iceland. In fact, not only Iceland, but Gullfoss is also listed in the top 10 waterfalls of the world. It is located in Haukadalur, southern Iceland. This is a 32m waterfall which dives in two stages. Due to this unusual characteristic of the waterfall, it attracts plenty of tourists. From some points, the waterfall looks as if the Hvita River has suddenly dived into a deep abyss. The waterfall looks beautiful on a sunny afternoon. Sometimes, rainbows can be seen which enhances the beauty of this waterfall.
  2. Dettifoss: This waterfall is located in the northeast region of Iceland. It is also listed in the top 10 waterfalls of the world. This waterfall is extremely powerful, owing to the glacial melt waters of the beautiful Jokulsa a Fjollum. This 44m waterfall makes it the most vigorous waterfall in Europe. When you will visit this waterfall, you can literally understand its power as you can feel the ground near the waterfall trembling. It looks beautiful and mighty.
  3. Skogafoss: This waterfall is rectangular in shape. It looks beautiful and classy. It is a very popular waterfall in Iceland, located in the southern region of the country. This waterfall can be enjoyed from its beautiful misty base as well as it from its dangerous top. This waterfall attracts plenty of tourists who love to explore the waterfall to and from its base.
  4. Godafoss: This beautiful and popular waterfall is located in the northeast region of Iceland. If you visit Iceland, you cannot miss visiting the wonderful Godafoss. It is a wide river waterfall. This waterfall is associated with the historical background of Iceland. Perhaps, the history related to the waterfall attracts plenty of tourists here. Apart from the interesting history, this waterfall is also known for its immense scenic beauty. This waterfall can be enjoyed from both sides of the river. It is one of the best and the most popular attractions of Iceland.
  5. Seljalandsfoss: This is another popular waterfall in Iceland that is located in southern Iceland. It is a beautiful tall waterfall. There are some elements around this waterfall that make it more special and unique. The scenic beauty of this waterfall can enthrall just anyone visiting this place. The blooming wildflowers add color and beauty to the waterfall.

There are several other waterfalls in Iceland such as Glymur, Hengifoss and Dynjandi. However, the five waterfalls mentioned in this article are the most popular and beautiful waterfalls that should not be missed if you are visiting Iceland.